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Chamber Management Software

Chamber Organizer helps you to promote chamber membership in your community, improve communication among staff and members, and streamline your internal operations.

Chamber Membership Management

Finding new members is where membership management all begins and the Chamber Organizer provides you with the tools to make it easy to attract, inform and recruit new members! Our Traffic Catcher Sites offer a unique website for each member, included with their membership... a membership value that is hard to resist! Our website tools allow you to promote events and chamber member benefits to prospective members, keep track of prospective members and send periodic emails to them, record contacts with prospects, and making it easy for prospects to easily join online and pay dues.

Improve Communication

Keeping members informed of events and other chamber news increases the likelyhood of their involvement and subsequent renewal. Using our calendar of events and event registration system, you can make it easy for members to stay informed, register for events, show up and keep showing up. Broadcast emails can be personalized and targeted to subgroups within the chamber. Chamber and committee documents can be stored and organized within a members-only area. A chamber newsletter can be edited and published using our newsletter editor.

Streamline Internal Operations

Making membership handling and member billing simple and well-organized keeps retention rates high and costs low. Using our chamber management software, your website member directory and member database information is in one place! Members can update their own profile and directory information from a computer or a mobile device. Renewal notifications can be sent via email, and members can pay their renewal dues online. All renewal invoices and payments are tracked within the system. As payments are made, they are recorded automatically. The level of automation (automated notifications, invoices, etc.) for your chamber management software can be customized to your taste.